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Last fall I got back into my groove!
Now that the government is paying me to suck air
(thank you very much for my money back)
I am somewhat less motivated to overextend...

after a couple decades of majorly heavy output for Eugene Saturday Market
& then so very many other changes,

it is a relief to have space to find where the hey I am currently AT!!

As Spring Equinox approaches, the rest of the year takes form--

Most weekdays I am over at
Artisan Alley Alliance
behind Main St. at the back of the city parking lot,
over 3 hills in Ferndale CA
working with threads & fibers...
just one of the guys in a group of potters, glass artists & woodworkers,

in whose media I am also dabbling.

We've been front page of the Ferndale Enterprise souvenir edition this past year,
the happening place in town!
You'll have to hunt a bit to find us but our creations are worth the search~~

Currently working up a gabble of trolls, a school of mermaids, a chitter of elves for table centerpieces at the Danish convention in Ferndale, midApril.

Looking at the likelihood of posting my gear on Etsy. A spirit daughter is setting up a site, I'll let you know soon as it materializes!

Joseph Campbell Folk School
11-17 May
FeltMaking: Wet Felt & NeedleFelt

This is a welcoming venue, like a large family--
meals together, folkdancing, music & lectures after class.

The participants in my recent workshop bonded over the dyepots
and we flew on from there!
They left with quite a stack of finished garments and sculptures.

I travel with Jah Med,
which handles psych & medical response for the big music festivals in No CA.
I am a resource for alternative medicine, the Chief Engineer's Right Hand Woman, & Camp Hostess.

I'm riding pillion with Humboldt AmVets Riders Chapter 96,

their titular widow & functioning secretary...
We fold the flag at memorials for veterans' families

& work in support of veterans.
It is one thing to know of someone's life partner passing;
to experience that puts one deeply in touch with the heart of another new to this event.
I hold this space.

Find me at the following events as well, in different levels of involvement:

Redwood Run
Riverview Ranch, Piercy CA
Friday 13 June 8 am- Sunday 15 June evening

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
Mendocino County Fairgrounds, Boonville CA
Thursday 19 June- Sunday 22 June 2014

Reggae on the River
French's Camp south of Garberville CA
end of July to early August 2014

Burning Man
in the Nevada desert outside of Gerlach
mid-August to early September
LampLighter Village
corner of Rod's Road & 5:30

look for the 1973 GMC rv in guise of a locomotive!

I missed NFF last year due to my grandmother's retrospective at the Museum of Nebraska Art. They made a video, you could watch it at

Look for the title Eulabee Dix, & play it on your itunes.

So workshops from last year are bumped forward--

the Natural Fiber Fair
Arcata CA
Sunday 8 September 2014
Waifs & Sprites
9 am-noon
Little Woolen Goddesses
1:30-4:30 pm

Come see me at

the Dahlia Show, County Fairgrounds in Ferndale CA

They wanted 'art inspired by Nature'-- that'd be mine! 
A very nice venue, like a mini Saturday/Farmers' Market.

Saturday 13 September 2014

For the month of November a collexion of my work'll be on display at

Art & Old Things

I'll be hanging the show 4 p m Friday 7 Nov 14
Basically, it'll be a range of items I had at
Saturday Market in Eugene OR
If we have a sunny Friday in November after that
I'll pull the show & haul my gear down to the Farmers' Market,
center of town in Garberville CA, 10am-3pm

It's the Garberville Farmers' Market
Fridays from the 1st of May to end October,
then November as weather allows.
From 11 in the morning to 3 p m.

This has been SUCH A RELIEF...
 I was getting kind of BACKED UP on the CREATE end of things,
with no outlet for my work.
Produxion is the basis of morale, yknow, so I'm feeling expansive again!
I'll be there once or twice a month--
if you'd like a notice of WHEN, email me
& I'll put you in the group reminder list!

So there's how matters stand, for the nonce~

Yes YES, 2 more workbooks are still on the back burner--

HEADGEAR: Felted & Knitted Outrageousness
Felt Folk by the Hollow Parts Method

Hoping to run into you here or there around the planet.
'Til then... much love & huggs over the airwaves!

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