Dear one....
This poor schedule page has remained steadfastly unchanged thru my increasingly unsettled life!  Haven't known what might actually come to pass.

My late husband had a stroke some years before his departure.
The next morning he'd asked, But what about your CAREER? which was at the time in full swing, with 2 more workbooks on the way.
It took me that long to answer-- I put my career on hold, in order to deal with his impending passage.
Afterwards, my sons moved me down the coast to be closer by them.
For the 20 years previous, my career had evolved in that environment.  Nowadays I find other options and requirements and possibilities, different from the ones I left behind. Also the changes I'd put myself thru required some readjustment!!

So... well, HI! glad to be back in touch!
And what of Activities?
I am moving. AGAIN. With other impending adjustments... but this is becoming some sort of STANDARD, and I am learning to keep my balance despite a background of rattling and shaking.

*There are two small markets in the south county where I could be found sporadically.
*I will be working at Reggae on the River this summer.
*I do have tickets to Burning Man!!
*I am offering a workshop at the Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata CA this fall--
MAKING FACES: Getting All Emotional with Felting Needles

The above, subject to the whim of Fate... exept for my delight in meeting you, hearing from you-- that never changes!
All good things,



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