Welcome to Fiber Fanatics!

Freshly posted Spring view of Ayala's workshop schedule!

What's Going on Here??

Before Diving In, Please Note:
The current fashion in websites is Change for the Sake of Change.
This website is not like that.
I love this website!!-- It represents me well, & is SO LIKE Life:
keeps on growing onwards and outwards from its beginnings.

So I am not going to just DUMP THE WHOLE THING every few months
and start off in some other direxion just for the heck of it!!
... Nor cater to the fashionable short attention span
by flinging stuff at you and flicking away to something else etc.,
(fidget that I am notwithstanding)...
Items are put forth here for your consideration, not for your distraction.

For your greater ease in perusal,
changes to the 'site will be noted after the update date on the Welcome! page.

Do keep an eye on my blog for spontaneous musings!

This website is (ostensibly) about FELTING NEEDLES.

The felting needle is a small barbed tool borrowed from industry.
As we chat here, hundredthousands of them
installed in machinery worldwide
are producing unwoven fabric from all sorts of fiber,
for all sorts of uses.

However, just one felting needle in your hand
allows WOOL to become a sculptural medium,
and a most forgiving medium at that--
ANYONE who can hold the needle
and make a pecking motion from their wrist
is eligible to become a wool sculptor!

Don't like what you made?
Needlefelt on more wool until it pleases you!

What joy... and the contents of this website are offered
to ensure that such joy may be yours as well.


My Secret Mission:

getting Wool Fleece used as a
sculpture medium
on every kitchen table, in every school class,
art room and studio across America & around the world!!

The trick is to make Wool very approachable.
Therefore my policy is
keeping tools simple
making do with what's already around the house
putting off Perfection till later
and promoting local fleece from the sheep next door.
This is the front line in the Wool Revolution!
Let's just START!

Involvement with felting needles has been known to
seriously divert the flows of Daily life...

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