Winter Holidays

Decorations to Fit the Season
one 3-hour session-a pleasant evening, or weekend afternoon...
or we could spend a full day at this!
Our splendid opportunity to transmogrify items from other workshops into the spirit of the Holidays! Ever-changing, depending on what I've been up to currently…
*about ½# mixed washed wool fleece in natural and dyed colors
*various amusing yarn scraps
*a chunk of foamrubber or a soft sponge, about 6x6x3", for your work surface
*your companionable scissors
*cookies for all
*$3 materials fee for tools & all those little oddments that make our work so inspired
*if we work from hybrid felt forms, you'd also need
*an old towel
*a cake of any soap
*a small pitcher for water
*a plastic vegetable bag, like from that roll in the grocery produce dept.
*a pair of old cotton socks

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