An Overview of the Various Workshops:

Needlefelting is no rocket science. I know full well that you can do anything, ANYTHING in needlefelting with one mid-range feltingneedle and a squashy carwash sponge for working surface. If you can hold the needle in your fingers and make a pecking motion from the wrist, you are an Adept already! And we'll discuss Finessing, the other aspect of this technique,
at the very beginning of our first workshop together...

Given the above parameters, there is perforce no such thing as Advanced Needlefelting (nor Beginning...). It's all the same level! What cuts in here is Spatial Relations. Since so much needlefelting is sculpture, we will be engaging your perception of items in the physical universe around you. Like, if you're attaching an arm to some being under construction, you may have to dip off into the Girls' Room, pull up your shirt and watch how your arm moves around...

The workshops below are arranged by subject or technique.

Materials lists, fees, etc. will be posted shortly --
meanwhile please


Felting Needles for Fiber Fanatics

Felting Needles for Fiber Fanatics

Egg Elves, Etc.
Needlefelted Folk: Nearly Human Beings
Hasty Humans
Frankfurter Folk

The ANIMAL KINGDOM, Reinvented:
Dragons & the Wire Armature
Little Animals
Animals from an Egg



Breezing through the Basics
Felt Folk, Hollow Skin Method
The Flying Carpet Series:Trivets, Rugs & Sittuppons
Short Boots
Bags, Handbags & Boodle Kits
Magic Helmets, Witches' Caps, Cloches &/or Berets


Hybrid Felt Making (needlefelting on wet-felted items)

Preposterous Bugs
Hybrid Felt
Felt Folk from the Washing Machine
Foam Core Babies
Hand Puppets
Winter Holiday Ornaments

Valentines: Cherubs, Roses & Loving Hearts


...or let's invent a special workshop just for your group/occasion...

Current Workshop Schedule

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