Sunday Sunset: Putting the Week Away/BIRTHDAY!!

Hi there!
Delighted you checked in! This blog meant to be all about informal chat, relaying small thoughts with interesting plumage, CONNEXION… this Gemini’s birthday was yesterday, and you know how we Gemini’s are about Communication! Women seem so fascinated with Relationship as well… both are dear to my heart.

Hey, I just turned 66 in the 6th month of oh-6. Fond of number patterns too…

Just these few introductory remarks tonight. You’ll find out shortly where all my energies’ve gone recently… and shortly also, will be posted fotos of various Recent Items:

from the line of felt and needlefelted stuff,
Edge of the Forest

from the garment line,
Scurvy Louts–
Clothiers to the Barbarian Hordes

Many will be available for purchase. Been meaning to offer some designs on the ‘net but this way I can avoid becoming possibly overwhelmed by numerous orders. I hope! The days are so short (did you realize that this perception is caused by increases in the Schumann frequencies of our planet?? When we were young, they were about 7, now are 12. This gives us a virtually 16-hour day…)–days are short but Inspiration piles up at the same rate!!

Offering warmest regards, best love, or whatever lies comfortably between for you. Looking to have settled in by next weekend! Chat soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday! As a Gemini Rising Person, I share many of the Gemini qualities. We sure like variety and express interest in many varied areas of life!

    Hope you had a fabulous celebration!
    LOL, Jean

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