3 Phases of Womanhood

Well, I’d intended to start writing after dark, but this is more midnight-snacktime than Sunday Sunset… and knowing how I operate, in wintertime you’d find this blog appearing on towards high tea!! Maybe tonight’s thoughts will be the Monday morning equivalent of your breakfast cheese Danish…

Sunday is a Sacred Space in my weekly flows. Saturday Market’s once again DONE, and I’m reassembling, recouping, generally getting my bearings… hence that concept of ‘putting the week away’. The squillion possibilities of what to make next are jockeying for attention, tomorrow I’ll launch into whatever’s on top of the pile, doesn’t matter, it’s all utterly engrossing! Can’t WAIT!!

Meanwhile… wanted to pass the following notion on to you, ‘specially since my birthday has just passed, and this has to do with Passages…

The 3 Ages of Woman are Maiden, Mother, Crone, right? Well, when I turned 50 I suddenly felt entitled to pat folks on the head, call everyone ‘dearie’ and hand out free advice from the grand perspective of my Half Century… this lasted until the hormones began seriously shifting around, at which point I YET AGAIN realized I still had a LOT to learn– like:
How to be mother to grown sons;
What NOT to say to a daughter-in-law;
How to avoid saying ANYTHING to anyone between the ages of 20 & 30.

Certainly not Crone material yet!!!

Now that so many of us are limiting and surviving childbirth, I submit that this space between Mother and Crone be designated QUEEN. The husband has mellowed out of powering his work trip and putters around the house, the kids have flown the nest and are off seeking their futures, and TIME IS NOW MINE!!! Attention is free to spend on myself!! No more squeezed into clipping fingernails at stoplights for lack of other ‘free moments’… I am Queen of my own Universe. Plenty of time to figure out how to avoid the Social Gaffes listed above… and I’ll take another look at Cronedom on towards 80, I guess. Late bloomer.

Gotta tell ya, old age is the best-kept secret, especially in a culture without initiations… it’s a straight line back to childhood and we can slide from here to there in a trice. Trust you’re (looking forward to) enjoying this as much as I!

Catchya next Sunday I hope. Glad to know you’re around.

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