A Slight SHIFT…

Hello there! and no, it really ISN’T Sunday evening quite yet, it’s just that I’ll be away then, and thought to write in advance. Next week I’ll also be away, and instead will blog to you shortly after.

This whole blog thingy isn’t working out like I’d expected. I’d thought my focus’d be more… immediate. Instead what comes is: Grander Perspectives. THEREFORE, I’m gonna change from
‘Sunday Sunset: Putting the Week Away’ as this blog orientation.
Instead, how about the title I’d saved for my autobiography when I become Rich & Famous– (The more time passes, the less likely that seems!! so I’m not gonna hoard it anymore, here ‘tiz:)
‘Just Another Tassle on the Lunatic Fringe’.

Sometimes I get referred to as a hippie, but hey, I haven’t spent enough time out of my head to qualify. Not a beatnik, either– not stuck in my head sufficiently. Finally figured it out, though: I’m a bohemian!! Bohemians have existed in every culture since people got together, anywhere on the planet. They live on the outskirts, where there’s lots of space, both physically and mentally. Their ideas are out of synch with the mainstream but the mainstream usually flows into them eventually. Ah yes, good to have a label.

Mdear, the sun is just up and I’m running on little sleep. Woke up at 3 a.m., got packed up for workshops in Puget Sound, etc… gonna hit the sack again. Crazy out-of-synch artists… Sooner or later I’m gonna talk about YOU and our connexion.

Pax vobiscum.

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  1. Hi Ayala, I am excited to have found your blog. I love your out look on life and I beleive we are cast from similiar molds. I am looking at 50 in two years and am finding the freedom I see very appealing. I have been teaching the dragon making to others that I learned from you and have a few dragons flying about here in the house. What fun to play and let the mind create. Hope to sit and learn from you again.

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