Still suspended in space from the marriage of #3 Son. He has married well! A nonstop smile on that guy for the entire wedding afternoon, full teeth. (Smile grading: no teeth, half teeth…) And small wonder: she’s perfect! They run their lives as I do: vocation, avocation and vacation all the same thing, always busy; hence we’ve only had about 45 minutes together, and that was on the fone a couple Mothersdays ago when she called to rave about how amazing he is and how much she loves him…

Managed to catch her again on the fone yesterday afternoon when the rest of the household was away. We spent TWO HUNDRED EIGHTYFIVE MINUTES in a major chat!!! Seemed less than a couple hours– tho I did manage to spin a couple big bobbins of yarn… it is SO GRATIFYING to find my boys marrying women with many of my traits and viewpoints!! Especially in the face of that old adage: ‘A son’s a son till he takes a wife, but a daughter’s a daughter all her life’. Too true. Even when living in the ‘way outback, I sent postcards to my mom weekly, usually written in the laundromat, usually on one of a stack of 4×6 cards I carried expressly for that purpose. She called them the Pinks.
Pink cardstock. And when I moved close enough in to have a fone, I’d often pick up the receiver to call her and find her already on the line, without even time for the fone to ring.

But, BOYS… I love them dearly, think of them constantly… and they seldom Call Home. Moreover, they live in loopy areas where cellfones work only intermittently, and there’s never a complete conversation, we’re always getting disconnected… but my husband points out that he can work all day with #4 Son and barely a word passes between them– yet those 2 are real tight. Guys!! Praise be for your presence, dear GirlFriend… and for my daughters-in-law. Whoever invented men & women living together must be getting a good laugh over our gyrations.

Looking to touch ground soon– large gatherings leave me whirling from all the energy, can’t hardly sit down and CHAT with anyone for long, all antsy. I’ll see about getting a foto up of us all.

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