That’s IT!!! this helvetica typeface on a pure white background just DOES NOT SUIT. None of the other available Blogger Backgrounds does it for me either… so could you kindly just mock up a peachy backdrop with a heavy bower of fullblown dusty pink roses dripping over these paragraphs? Thanks everso. Much more appropriate to my personal ambience…

Since we have this dry medical look here, I’ll just take advantage of that to bring up an interesting solution to an unfortunate physical condition… Been getting some backtalk from the roots of my teeth over there on the lower right side. Panic!!! Dyou know how much dental works cost these days?? I understand that dental insurances are really just savings plans– they cost as much as the services they provide… Betcha I could’ve bought a house and land with all the money poured into my mouth since I was 6!!!

So. Exasperation. I am SO NOT INTO the invasive solutions available to us in all mainstream handlings of the ways bodies go out of whack. Yknow we’ve been deeply into alternative solutions for the aftereffects of my husband’s stroke… One of the undercuts is to get one’s body into an alkaline condition. We got a whole pile of information about this– lists of food categories and substitutions, little pH strips, some fulvic acid (what IS that??) and a cookbook for alkaline meals. Etc. A brief test revealed that my system is acidic OFF THE CHART!!!!! Hum now: this means that I am a sitting duck for any virus, yeast, bacteria and relatives that happen by!!!

(Actually, as a type I natively run to the acid side: moon in Sagittarius gives that a boost too. This condition also explains how acome I ended up with 5 sons…)

Easy enough solution: get ALKALINE, ASAP. Okayyy… no coffee, dairy, wheat, sugar, chocolate, glassawine, none of the fun stuff… Dumped ’em all. This is the 3rd day, my teeth have settled down, energy’s up, bloat’s gone, feeling ENERGETIC!! This may well be worth it.

I go to the dentist this week, shall report back on what’s up, or not… Good to have a reference point. Think I’ll be doing this alkaline diet for quite a while. At least the garden is contributing heavily to the only Approved Items– fruits and vegetables.

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