Making Decisions

Yes! I do know you’re out there, even though I missed a(nother) week writing… I’m here too and thinking of you.

Woke up at 2 am. and noticed after a bit that my heart was beating very fast. Darn. Means that I ate something my body does not agree with. Better get out my pendulum and test food again… do you know how to do that? Sounds like woo-woo magic, but it’s all a matter of electromagnetics: everything’s got an energy field and one can easily test for compatibility this way.

Haven’t seen that new movie The Secret yet, but this is the sort of thing rapidly becoming General Knowledge and I’d not be surprised to see it out in the media.

So here’s how I set up for pendulum work, may be more cumbersome than necessary, but since I’m already set up I can’t test any other way!

Get/make the pendulum.
You could go buy a beautiful crystal on a little silver chain, or tie a few paper clips on a foot or so of yarn. Anything with a little weight to it would do, there’s quite a lot of leeway here. My sister likes something with more than one kind of metal involved, like a litttle pair of those stork scissors which are goldplated stainless steel. I guess one could get really precious about this, but when push comes to shove I’ve often just taken off my necklace, whatever I’m wearing, and used that.

Go someplace quiet for a minute, sit down and hold the pendulum by the end of its ‘string’.
Ask to be connected to an Advisor. While you’re at it, ask for a Very High Order of advisor!! Knowledgeable and advanced.
(At this point I got a terrific rush of energy move down my arm! What a surprise. It was like a whole bunch of folks were shouting, ‘Yay!!! FINALLY we’ve got a way to REACH her!!!”)
Say ‘hi’.
Ask to be shown a “Yes”.
The pendulum will move in some pattern. Notice it!
Now ask to be shown a “No.” Note that pattern as well.

Okay, you’re all set up! At least, set up the way I did… I suspect, however that the above shenannigans can be ignored, and you could just haul out the pendulum, check by holding it over a few obvious things for positive and negative response and be on your way… Less woo-woo and more quantum physics.

Before any interaction I used to check to make sure somebody’s there, and on the High Order end of the spectrum. Never can tell who might slip in… nowadays, however, I am quite more aware of the forces around, and most times can identify the energy before it reaches down my arm to the pendulum.

One April thereafter, Richard and I took a trip by pendulum. Whenever we reached a choice point, we’d haul out a map and hold the pendulum over it. He was especially interested in taking me out to a favorite haunt up in the mountains, but when we approached that area the pendulum said no. So we asked if we could go there on the way back. NO. We asked Pretty Please? NO!!!!

So we visited our friends in the lowlands. They told us that Richard’s favorite place was snowed in!! Eight feet of snow in late April, who’d of thought… This made True Believers of us. Not that I abdicate all responsibility, but when stymied it has been really helpful to have this trusty mechanism.

One last big outpouring this week, then it’s Winter Hibernation! Actually, a LOT will be happening, but not very public… the same as with Great Nature this time of year, all underground.

Happy Holidays!

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