Ta-DAH!!  It’s yet another beautiful morning in Paradise, how could anyone be so lucky here in this dual dimension, where the other end of the stick is  pretty ghastly…  Praise be for such blessings! 

I’m calling on the Goddess these days.  I took up swearing as a teenager (in the ’50’s, that was a pretty mild venture compared to the range of potty mouth currently bandied about!)  because my mother was so set against it  (hooray for Mom!  her stonewall convictions have also led to more serendipitous stuff, like my career, we’ll discuss that some other time…)  Nowadays I’m more sensitive to those touchy about what appears to be ‘taking the name of God in vain’. 

The Goddess is an entirely different matter.  I know her.  She’s a far greater extension of me:  as Woman, she’s vitally interested in relationships and communication; as Mother, she’s always got an ear open for her children.  She LOVES to be called upon!  She LOVES to be consulted, to be involved!  She LOVES me however I am!  It is not possible therefore to take her name in vain. 

So given all the handwringing you’ve put up with from me recently, I’m so happy to tell you… that I’m so happy!!  We’ve got things prettywell sorted out and stabilized over here:  established that Richard’s condition is a result of a mix:  toxic physical and social environment growing up on Chicago’s South Side, familial genetic tendencies toward kidney disorder and overproduction of acid crystals. 

I’ve sorted out HIS JOURNEY from MY JOURNEY and OUR JOURNEY. 

 We hauled him off to an old doctor who understands nutrition to the point of being shunned by MediCare and having had his license pulled by the AMA (he got it back– probably was curing cancer or some other such heresy) (both events are feathers in his cap, from my radical viewpoint!)   ANYways, we’ve managed to alleviate several daunting symptoms, and with a tiny dab of this and that pharmaceutical, Richard is more nearly comfortable and functioning.  Miracles!  Earlier this summer I didn’t see how he could bear sticking around, just too miserable in his body. 

 Chatter chatter chatter, see what happens when I’m RELIEVED??

So I’m resting comfortably in the arms of my Greater Mother, tossing blessings from her lap like cracker crumbs… and tucking in for an eventual winter… dodging some serious RAIN, racing out in the dry spells to get some large felts shuffled together,  hauling in the pumpkins and squash to cohabit with wool sacks in the pantry– remember my barricade of projects??  Gotta get my inventory back up for the Holiday Markets, sold out at the Taos Wool Festival–  and we just SHEARED YET AGAIN, every 8 months I’m smothered in fleece willy-nilly.  Here’s the result I guess of a Great Year for Hay:  the fleeces are carrying MORE COLOR!!  Weird… aren’t they spozed to FADE with age??  The sheep are lookin’ good. 

And you too, mdear… may you be looking good as well, buffered nicely for the impending cold weather, and cosy in the lap of the Goddess.

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