Catching Up with the New Year…

GirlFriend!!  (But yes, I’m well aware that some guys check out these postings~~ this salutation signifies Chat Mode, is all.)

Happiest of New Years, whichever celebration might be your chosen launching point into the next cycle… myself, I feel the return of the Sun in my bones, hard to deny that indicator!

For the rest of the time, HIBERNATING.  It’s been a too-busy Holiday Market season, barely kept my booth in stock– this, on top of 1 1/2 yrs’ expecting my Sweetie to drop his body maybe daily… exhausted!!!  My knitting sits neglected for the time being.  Now that’s pretty exhausted for this twitchy one!!!

Exhausted, but resting easy:  we’ve run thru mainstream medicine and skimmed off 1/4 doses of their offerings, at least the ones that Richard didn’t have allergic reactions to.  Palliatives only, every one…   for actual HEALING, we’ve both been on massive doses of vitamins & minerals, he’s lookin’ GOOD, and now we’ve moved into the really woo-woo areas of frequency-treated waters, shamanism, psychological laundry-sorting & -folding, and the prayers of so many friends and even unknowns… to my mind and eye, with the least invasive and most effective results:  WE ARE SEEING IMPROVEMENTS.  Wouldja believe… and Death had hovered so near,  for so long!   Maybe I’m talking ‘WAY ahead of myself, but Goddess!!  inherited difficulties are fading!  I at least want to keep this guy around for our 25th wedding anniversary– that’d be another 3 years– and we have some bottles left of his favorite shampoo that’s gone out of make, he’s GOTTA stick around ’til THAT’s used up… 

When Life & Death bump shoulders like this, one tends to throw overboard anything unnecessary or irrelevant in order to stay afloat.  Basically, all that matters is:  loving each other.  We’ve been gifted with that  Simplicity.  Boyoboy, I’m totally intending to live like this forever:  every step a blessing, every breath a prayer. 

That is my New Year Wish for you, darlin’– that you could find this grace as well.  Is it possible, without passing thru such darkness beforehand? 

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  1. Hi Auntie,
    I hear about you every so often from Mum & Co. but have not been in touch firsthand for a while. This is where I really start to love the online world – voila, a quick trip to and I’m back in touch! Living on this lefthand edge of the continent with you, albeit at different ends of the edge, makes me feel like we have some geographical kinship as well as being family members. Do you suppose we could write letters? Send me your address and I will send you a note. It sounds like you moved recently. Hurrah for creativity and living life with passion! Love to you and Richard both,

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