My dear!
I know, it’s been like… FOREVER since I wrote here.

With good reason.

My husband, I may have mentioned, has been on a long downhill slide for the past 6 years, and passed on this 13 May 2011.

We had had 25 years together, mostly spent living in each other’s pockets.  We were each other’s best friend.

When the End was in sight, we wrote a detailed letter to The Universe, thanking them for the welter of blessing showered upon us, and specifying what was wanted and needed in future, and by the Summer Solstice please.

Moreover, I had orders from both him and our 6 sons– to get within 1/2 hour of the Boys.

The Universe slammed into high gear: we sold our homestead without its even going on the market, and #3 Son found The Perfect Place within the designated range.


Then Richard passed.
Most of me went with him.  My heart was broken.

In the 2 months following, I found new homes for our animals, placed our highpowered German Shepherd with a woman who can handle him, sorted thru everything and winnowed it down to a few truckloads, and moved.  You may also have noticed that I cancelled/postponed all the workshops I’d intended to instruct this summer.

It is now nearly Fall Equinox, that same year.  Most of me has returned to myself.  I am not thinking much and have mental blinders that keep me from looking back.  Richard is verymuch with me, a light & guiding presence on a daily basis.  Despite that, I miss him deeply.

Nowadays about 1/2 inch of energy has returned and I am beginning to feel the Belovedness of Wool also blowing towards me– this fidget hadn’t even KNITTED since January~~ despite May’s  Kinetic Sculpture Races going on in Arcata CA without a single curly tuque in the crowd!!  This MUST BE REMEDIED by their next event!!

So my dear.  Our Family Astrologer had warned me of Radical Change this year… I hope this has been ALL OF IT!!  Sort of overwhelming.  My apologies for having so little left for you.  Virtually nothing, in fact.  Worn thin on many levels.   I am in ‘ON HOLD’ mode, not my best space, we shall see what the Fates have in store.
I wait with open heart.

Please stay tuned~~
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  1. Dear Ayala,
    My deepest sympathies go to you and your family. It was always so nice to read about Richard here in your blog. We. too, mostly live in “my each other’s pockets”. (What a lovely way to put it!) I am glad to hear you are close to your boys.

    I have missed reading your blog and I am happy you are ready to share with us once again.
    Warm regards,

  2. Oh, Ayala, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I had wondered at your long absance from here. Although I only check in once or twice a year, I think of you often. Your heart will heal. Love and blessings to you.

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