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The Felting Needle
From Factory to Fantasy

The Felting Needle
Further Fantasies

The Key to
Dream House

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Ayala has done the pioneering work in needlefelting. Within these pages you'll find her Schedule of Needlefelting, Fiber and Felting Workshops, tips for your own felting projects, photos of engaging woolen/felt/fiber folk, and links to places for wool, supplies, and inspiration. Get Ayala's workbooks, "The Felting Needle: from Factory to Fantasy" and "The Felting Needle: Further Fantasies" and "The Key to Dream House", a bedtime story/coloring book. Plus, contact info and bio information about Ayala Talpai of Diligence Woolwork & Design - Folk Art Mentor - felting and fibercraft instructor, Clan Mother, and Artiste-at-Large.