Games I Played in School

It was a bore, most of the time.

My family runs to genius & I was (supposed to be) next…
Already blew my social scene in high school by rightaway quick the beginning of freshman year, spelling down the co-captain of the football team.
What more was there to lose?

Although a fidgety type I had been thoroly shamed into a semblance of composure by my avidly social-climbing mother…

So. Looking around the classroom for something to occupy myself:
Here’s Charlie Crowley across the aisle.
Going thru– shall I put it delicately?– an even more difficult adolescence than I, and mentally a halfstep behind whatever was happening in class.
Mrs. Soper droned on… was it History? or English? No matter… suddenly, in Charlie Crowley A LIGHT WENT OUT!
Maybe it was really more a shift in brain waves– but he was broadcasting a subliminal amount of confusion.

Quickly I cast my mind over the recent few sentences from Mrs. S.
Aha… a possible HOLE in her dialog!
Quickly I composed a sentence and RAISED MY HAND!

Raising yr hand in school, you might remember, made one something of a TARGET– the Stupid Question (and at that age, ANY question is stupid) reveals you as a dummie!!!
But hey, I had brownie points, everyone KNEW I was so damn smart as to be something of a social pariah. I could certainly afford risking a stupid question against my mammoth Smarts account…

Mrs. Soper is delighted– someone is actually ALIVE out there!!
She bustles into a response, I am eyeing Charlie discreetly… SUCCESS! he has slumped an inch in RELIEF…
Sometimes I’d hafta ask 2 or 3 times to pull him back into the classroom.

There. I have REVEALED A SECRET. You are the first, & the ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS…
Please don’t tell Charlie

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