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Well, this week has been dominated by my husband’s healing. I’m going to talk about this for awhile because there may be others out there who can benefit from our experience, or could improve on our lack of direction. We are kind of breaking ground here. The AMA offers drugs (with side effects that destroy Quality of Life), dialysis and organ transplants. We are going for natural, noninvasive, healing modes. Our only definite direction has been AWAY from mainstream medical practices…

The Hand of Fate has been tapping Richard’s shoulder with increasing insistence for several years, and finally has gotten his attention. Just between you & me, I think this man has A LOT to offer, besides his prodigious building skills. He is a talented healer, deals very well with young men, and has at least another quarter-century to go. We need him.

A few months ago Richard woke up in the middle of the night unable to move half his body.

We sat there with the light on for awhile considering what to do. On the radio one hears, “Here’s the symptoms of STROKE!!!! and if you can get to a hospital within 3 hours, we can reverse ALL side effects!!!”

But. We don’t have an extra $500 for admission to the emergency room. And Goddess only knows what they’d do to Richard, once in there… he has a record of appalling experiences at the hands of the American Medical Association (AMA).

So we stayed home. He was dizzy and nauseous for about 18 hours. He insisted on coming down out of the loft without assistance, and insistent on heading out to the outhouse (a kind of 3-legged race, and no, we didn’t tip over into the blueberies)– Later, his physical therapist congratulated him on GETTING MOVING… key to the rapid improvement we have seen. Both his PT & our Chinese doctors felt the stroke had been caused by a blockage somewhere… We took him to a NUCCA chiropractor who deals only with the first 3 cervical vertebrae. R’s topmost vertebra was 1/2″ out of alignment and then tweaked 6 degrees from numerous accidents &c.– a wonder that he’d survived these. Louise Hay says that vertebra governs blood pressure. His is REALLY HIGH,

Both the PT & Dr. Cheung noticed that his blockage had lessened.

So on 10 April, we pulled out 5 of Richard’s supports: nicotine, caffeine, sugar, meat & grease. Now he’s vegan. He’d already given up his contractor’s license in January, a major identity crisis in itself… Then we put him on a detox diet, and several organ cleanses, which knocked loose a bunch of old stuff that got blown away in a 2-hour session using acupressure points for emotional release, quite a thorough & permanent technique. Seems like all his old paradigms are lying around in shards!

Underlying all these events is: impaired kidney function. What destroys kidneys is: heavy metal pollutants. Richard was brought up Back of the Yards in Chicago– his weekly childhood job was cleaning off all the windowsills from diesel smog deposits. Now there’s a big AHA!!!

So. His medicines are quantities of garlic, cayenne & ginger; green food supplement, cherries for gout/uric acid buildup…

Do you know of any way to rebuild kidneys? As of the last blood test, he’s running at about 30%. One can get by on that, as long as one is not poisoned. Which leads into next week’s subject (unless something else major blankets it), the 40-acre Weyerhauser clearcut up the hill which is due to be sprayed with defoliant (like Agent Orange???) this fall…

The Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times” is in full swing: in the middle of all these crises & mini-crises, I’ve decided I REALLY need to start meditating & get a leg over my lively mind. If I can achieve this now, any other environs’ll be a SNAP.

My wish for both you and me is: a moment’s peaceful mind, please… just now & then during the day.

See you next Sunday night!

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