Hearts/Hands around the Planet

Yes, it’s Friday! and I am just now back in spirit from a very good wedding. A very good marriage! Betcha my son will see a 50th wedding anniversary with this wonderful wife. They are quite a team.

Could’ve waited a couple days and skipped this exchange, but hey: something else will have come up by Sunday, guaranteed…

Since childhood it’s been my secret dream that someday all my relatives and all my girlfriends would live in the same small village. A path winding among small homes built in a forest clearing…

And over the years, everyone has ended up FAR APART. I have one son in Norway, another in North Carolina, some well south of here, some in the MidWest… and the girlfriends are just as scattered.

A while back, word went around of a major stellar event, several planets forming a Star of David. A worldwide meditation had been arranged for that moment. I sat at the appointed time… and was greeted by a vision of the Earth with gridlines all over, like an acupuncture chart. Tiny bright lights shown where the lines crossed. Joy! Relief! Gratitude!

Know this: if you take a flourescent lightbulb under high-tension electrical lines and wave it around, it’ll light up from the stray particles falling off the wires. The same mechanism engages when you come to mind– a line runs from my heart to yours, and all along the way between, Love spills off and blesses our world.

It now appears there is good reason for my apparent isolation these days! This ol’ place could stand to be SATURATED by love, isn’t that so?

Thinking of you.

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