Frrrrankly I do not have time to keep on erasing comments from those with no higher purpose in life than cluttering. I’ve disabled the Commentary button. Actually, rather than as a chat room I’m using this blog to get my autobiography underway– “Just Another Tassel on the Lunatic Fringe”. If I ever should suffer sufficient fame, you might be ‘way ahead of the gossip columnists, mdear!! Since this Gemini lives for Genuine Communication, though, I’d love to hear from you…  try me via the ‘Contact’ button,

Let’s have a little talk about pheromones.

A while back, I was sitting at a stoplight in town. Being something of a flirt, I scanned the cars around me to see who was out and about… next lane was a pickup truck with a guy behind the wheel. I was startled to notice that he was…. OBLIVIOUS!! Absolutely. This had NEVER occurred before! My ego took a huge dent! What a blither of new data to sort out. I was in my mid50’s, on the verge of menopause. Hormone levels were apparently plummeting. Never before had their presence/absence been so obvious– well, anyways not since Miss TeenAger here showed up at the beach in the first bikini on the Eastern Seaboard and my father’s business partner nearly tripped over his tongue…

I continued my rounds as data reshuffled in my stunned brain. Next stop was the copyshop. I came out and while rearranging my ‘desk’ on the front seat, noticed this guy sitting in the car beside mine. I knew him from Saturday Market– tall and striking, long blond scandinavian hair, a garmenteer of considerable flair and usually wearing patchwork bellbottoms of his own design. His name wasn’t Morning Glory, but that’s appropriate…

Anyways, as I watched, a girl came out of the copyshop and headed down the sidewalk towards us. She got within 30-40′ and suddenly shifted into runway mode– the hips, the look, boobs all perky… they locked glances. I thought Oh, there’s his girl friend… but wait!! she kept on walking, right on past! Wow! Such magnetism… in light of my recent non-encounter, I was blown away.

So. Next down the sidewalk comes a girl on a bicycle. She got within 20-30′ and by cracky if she didn’t pull the same maneuver, on a BICYCLE! This was pretty engrossing! I sat there for another 15 minutes while 8 or 10 damsels put on the same show. What an experience, what enlightenment… Here’s this woman (me) who spent her first 15 years playing alone in her room with dolls, then partnered 3 times to wrong guys, with 5 hearty sons to show for it, most times ‘way out in the woods without benefit of running water, electricity, fone…. and THERE was the WHY of it: dragged around all those years by HORMONES. Sheeeeeee. So much for free will!

So that was my Initiation into Next Life Stage. I tried passing on this insight to other younger women. Some are so immersed in their estrogen stew that they look at me blankly like a being from another planet, and I AM that– it’s like talking thru the glass walls of an aquarium, where they swim in a different element unaware that it’s not the only way to

I gotta tell ya, ‘old age’ is the best kept secret: now I have this repertoire of roles lived to the hilt– child, maiden, nymph, mother, Queen. Put ’em on & take ’em off at will! Now, that’s TRUE FREEDOM.

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