My winter habits were disrupted in January, usually The Empty Month, but this year I won the Gov’mint Lottery and was called up for Grand Jury duty. No time for REST. (And: unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed: our legal system is all bandaids, just like our medical system!!) Recuperation from the Holiday season, if not from the year past, was extended into Lent. HELLO!! I’m back finally! Enough braincells have awakened for higher functioning (not just knitting) to pick up again…

Despite this long silence, please know that you’ve been on my mind and in my heart. I’ve even made attempts to write but this wretched blogsite (speaking here of my earlier ‘site) refused to publish me!!, took some-or-other exception to my SYNTAX, wouldja believe… the indignation from such uninvited kibbitzing further hampered my getting back with you.

And I DID struggle with posting fotos… even put GirlFriend Maggie the Barefoot Buffalo Woman onto the project: she concludes that intercession by a File Clerk is required, and nonesuch is available– I bide my time ’til the Webmistress shifts my whole website to a new hostess with a different blog arrangement, hopefully ACCESSIBLE. Do keep an eye out, at least now my camera is communicating with this ‘Puter, and a nice pile of images awaits…

There’s a little pink stickum on the ledge over my desk here listing halfadozen topics that I want to write you about, but please excuse me a little longer, still incubating. Meanwhile, I’m deep into the Brother Cadfael mysteries by Ellis Peters. She is very good with images, and writes of an era about a thousand years ago– the comforts of distance and simplicity are standing me in good stead during these brittle, fragile times. Besides, it’s been too snowy and frozen for working stuff off in the garden!

I’ll be dropping in more frequently now. I light a candle and think of you.

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