Letter Launching a Granddaughter

My dear!   

Congratulations on Graduating, the beginning of your long voyage into the deeper waters of the World, with Extended Family gathered on shore  in case of whirling vortexes, sleeper waves, sand bars…
And this letter is to stand in for my physical presence near you, darling.
Your parents asked for a bit of a discourse on Honesty, an alluring opportunity to sound wiser than I am… Honesty is  truly a lofty virtue & 2nd only to Love on my list of Most Desired Personal Characteristics… but I’m opting out to present  DILIGENCE, a peasant and blue-collar virtue that’s let’s say more Hands On, a daily dirt-under-the-nails way of dealing with the physical universe where our spirit manifests for everyone to see.

I know you’re already acquainted with this virtue of diligence– “meticulous care”, the dictionary says.  Swimming 8,000 metres a day!!! with Perfect Form:  that’s our diligent girl.

Shortly after Richard and I got together, he came up with Diligence Woodwork & Design as our business name.   If every step could be a blessing, and every breath a prayer, that is the one word which says it all, encompassing a way of life…  My vocation, avocation and vacation are also all the same thing:  MAKING STUFF.  I’d wish this for everyone:  it’s a lifestyle of pure joy. Diligently, everything becomes subject to meticulous care, bringing the Divine into all we do. 

Enough of  pontificating!!! and on to Benediction:  Enter your life, Darling, with a graceful swan dive, surface without ripples and butterfly beautifully towards alluring dreams.
We wave you on and blow kisses after you–

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