New Year Spiral

The first of these blogs were written on Sunday nights, an exercise intended at ‘putting the week away’.  That regime lasted for a few weeks only!!!

 Now here we are at the beginning of yet another year, having apparently travelled along Time’s Spiral back to the same area, but on a different level.

One of my 2 Newyear’s Resolutions is:  Sunday is Family Day.

 This involves:

 foning up relations who didn’t surface during the week;

inviting spirit family over for supper;

cleaning up the house for that occasion, a habit I developed in preparation for visits from my dear now-departed Mom.  LOVE HAVING AN EXCUSE!! Of course the more often one does that, the less effort it takes, and I LOVE a clean house (almost any other activity tends to take precedence, though…)

You’re part of my Family, darlin’, even if just by virtue of running your eyes over these words. 


Now here’s a New Year gift:  my most favorite thing to do with CHOCOLATE.

*** the ***



 Melt 1 T. butter over low heat; 

add 8 oz. semisweet chocolate,

& melt that too.

Chocolate is delicate!!

Stand there and guard from burning

while you beat up:

2 eggs

¾ c. granulated sugar

YES!  For several minutes: 

This will give the baked cookys

an interesting surface,

like cracked patent leather. 

Stir the above 2 batches together.

Add ¾ c. chopped nuts

½ t. vanilla extract

pinch salt

¼ t. cinnamon

¼ c. flour

¼ t. baking powder 

Form by tspnsful

onto greased baking sheet

(they spread,

so give ‘em each some space). 

Bake at 325 degrees x 6 minutes.


And let set a couple minutes

 before removing. 

Best if devoured

 within the next 48 hrs.

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